Partner With Us:

Please pray with us for the medical and spiritual health of the Togolese people, and God's continued blessings on Clinics of Hope.

Consider supporting a clinic on a monthly basis. If a monthly sponsorship is not possible, please consider making a one-time donation.

Here are some examples of how your contribution can make a difference in someone's life:

  • Simple cases of diarrhea can be treated for under $1.00
  • Upper respiratory infections are treatable with antibiotics for about $0.75 - $2.00. This early treatment prevents the progression to pneumonia
  • Hypertension and diabetes screening
  • Malaria diagnosed early can be treated for less than $0.50
  • Malaria that has progressed can be treated for $2.00 - $4.00
  • Deworming 1000 children costs ~ $30.00
  • Annual medical checkups and multivitamins for 60 orphans (Love The Children Program)

Please Consider Giving:

Clinics of Hope cannot advance without a growing base of volunteers, churches, and financial supporters.

If you prefer to write a check, please mail to:

Clinics of Hope

PO Box 232

Assonet, MA 02702

Clinics of Hope is  a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations to Clinics of Hope are fully tax-deductible.