Lives Touched

Over the last 15 years Clinics of Hope has been blessed to have the opportunity to work with some very special individuals.  Below are a few of their stories.


Simeon was born with cerebral palsy and was unable to walk. His mother would carry him everywhere. He was approximately 8 years old when we met him in 2017. Thanks to the team of volunteers and financial contributions made to Clinics of Hope we were able to do surgery to lengthen his achilles tendons. This surgery allowed his feet to be flat on the ground.


What a blessing to take care of Emmanuel he was cured of leprosy which he endured for 10 years. However, he developed a serious tumor in his foot which required amputation. He is undergoing physical therapy and we’ll be getting his prosthetic leg soon thank you all who helped make this possible by your support of Clinics of Hope.


Abraham was 17 years old when we met him in a village to the north of Bassar called Mboumbiam. He was playing for a regional soccer team and he was one of the stars. He was on the fast track to play for the national team. He developed a small bump on his leg which quickly developed into the massive ulcer.

Please Consider Giving

Clinics of Hope cannot advance without a growing base of volunteers, churches, and financial supporters.