Our Vision

Est. 2004

Clinics of Hope was founded in 2004 by Doctor Tom Mancini and Nurse Debbie Motta. Since its inception, Clinics of Hope has specialized in establishing high quality, sustainable and cost-effective medical clinics in remote West African villages. The organization trains and hires Togolese nationals to staff its clinics year round, so even the most remote communities can have consistent access to healthcare. Clinics of Hope has worked hard to refine its small-scale village healthcare model, and partner with other organizations to provide more comprehensive healthcare services. The organization now has the expert skills, experience, and structure in place to meet the serious needs in West African villages. The Clinics of Hope healthcare model is only useful to the extent that it is made available to the many people in sub-Saharan Africa who lack access to healthcare. With the help of committed volunteers and supportive communities around the world, Clinics of Hope can substantially increase public health and share Christ in the poorest villages in West Africa.