COVID 19 – Update

Togo has faced some challenges dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. The government initiated travel restrictions which has made it difficult go from village to village. In addition they initiated a curfew.
Our clinics have remained open and have been caring for patients they have been using the best personal protective equipment that is available. We are pleased to inform everyone that our staff has been healthy throughout this difficult time.

Many people that we care for  have been unable to work. Businesses are closed public transportation is significantly reduced there are restrictions on commuting with more than one person on a motorcycle. This is made getting food very difficult. Clinics of Hope has had to modify its focus and help a number of people with purchasing food. We have been blessed by a donor who is willing to help us with that so that we do not have to take funds from our medical efforts. We have been able to give over $1,000 total to upwards of 40 + families so that they can purchase food. With the travel restrictions in place the prices of food have gone up dramatically.

Thank you for the time to read this we are very pleased that our clinics have been able to remain open and been able to take care of patients in their in their communities thank you for your support and your encouragement 

Dr. Tom Mancini