Simeon was born with cerebral palsy and was unable to walk. His mother would carry him everywhere. He was approximately 8 years old when we met him in 2017. Thanks to the team of volunteers and financial contributions made to Clinics of Hope we were able to do surgery to lengthen his achilles tendons. This surgery allowed his feet to be flat on the ground.
After surgery Simeon stayed at the Pioneer's office in Lome for all of his treatment. We provided Simeon with casting, physical therapy, and leg braces. Soon after surgery he was able to walk on his own for the first time! He was then able to return to home. During a recent trip in July 2018, we visited for a church prayer service. After service we were adjusting the hinges on his braces. At that moment he whispered to me that he did not need the braces anymore! He wanted to walk without them!

-Dr. Tom Mancini